Artefact 5

Module = Digital Content Creation

Artefact: Reading – Stephen Dale, Content Curation the future of relevance.


When I first saw the Title of this reading I was pretty dismissive. I thought, “Ha, content curation, that is an ICT Admins biggest pain, getting people to put things in the right place!” and of course that is a highly important aspect of managing information within a school setting. Teachers are creating and sharing planning, assessment, reports, evaluations and reflections, and then there is all the work that students generate. Managing it all, and keeping it safe, is a never ending merry go round of curation.

So it came as something of a pleasant surprise to read Dales (2014) article and learn new ideas about curation and to think of how I could apply those in my role as a teacher and ICT Admin. The article made me re-evaluate my idea of digital curation as simply file management, and having now had time to think about it, I realise that my original concept of content curation was pretty limited and very ICT Admin focussed. Having such a narrow view of curation has clearly been a limiting factor for myself and the school.

In relating curation to being able to manage information overload Dale (2014) gave me an appreciation of how simplistic my previous view was and that I needed to look at how I approached my ‘teaching’ of our school systems to include more of the ‘why curation’ that he discusses. I found his highlighting of the ‘Seek-Sense-Share’ model he attributes to Jarche (2014) to have key similarities to various Inquiry Learning models, and building links to how our school uses inquiry learning is a way we can incorporate teaching and learning around this concept of curation.

Of course if our school is to incorporate aspects of Seek-Sense-Share then I will need to introduce this to Leadership and teachers in the first instance so we can look to build it into our programs, and that necessity to bring others up to speed can be seen as a limitation, however, like anything new we have to be focussed on how this can build students digital learning skills to ready them for their place in the world. Once we have a school wide understanding of curation then I am sure it will act as a great affordance, for both teachers and students and I look forward to bringing these ideas to our school.


Dale, S. (2014). Content curation: The future of relevance. Business Information Review. 31(4), 199-205.

Jarche, H. (2014). The Seek > Sense > Share Framework. Retrieved 2019 from

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